Assembly Line of Broken Fingers:A Roadmap to Combating Occupational Health and Safety Hazards in the Manesar Auto Industrial Belt

In April of 2013, a factory building in Bangladesh collapsed and killed at least 1,100 workers. In the wake of this catastrophe, the United Nations set up a committee to ensure families of the dead or injured workers were compensated. The committee estimated that the cost of doing so would be $40 million.

As of last year, however, it had raised only $15 million, indicating the shameful reluctance of factory owners and foreign retailers to help those devastated by their greed. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated instance. It is axiomatic that every year tens of thousands of lives are shattered throughout the world due to preventable occupational hazards.

A prime example of this unfortunate truth is the Manesar Auto Industrial Belt near New Delhi, India. Between the years of 2000 and 2004 alone, the Indian auto component industry grew from USD 3.9 Billion to USD 6.7 Billion. There was also estimated to be approximately 160 global auto giants with international purchasing offices in India by the year 2010.
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